Special Offers

Tent and container solutions for ice rinks

Mobile Eisbahn im Zelt (Dodenhof Posthausen)

In times of increasing economic cost pressure and sinking government-financed aid, building and enforcing of ice sport facilities gets more and more difficult. Portable ice rinks are constitutes as an alternative and resort for the preservation or expansion of ice sport.

Besides the conversion of depots into ice arenas, temporary tent solutions with container modules or the usage of adjacent function buildings getting more popular currently. Their huge benefit is, that they can get convert in short-term. Full offers and infra-structure of an ice arena can get charged with that. Range, size, audience capacity and configuration correspond with the available financial resources, the utilization concept and the operator model. All legal enforcement provisions of an ice arena and all requirements of the sport business are fully accomplishable with a tent or container solution.

Tent or container systems are possible for sale, rent or leasing. We are pleased to advise you with your planning of this alternative ice rink project and are ready for a professional conversion with our competent partners.