Ice Skates

mina provides for your skate rental a wide selection of brands, styles and sizes of skates. We can provide for all your skating rental needs.
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Distinctions of skates

  • material: leather, soft or plastic boot
  • closure: lace or buckle
  • stainless steel blades: hockey blade or toe cup blade


Hartschalen-Schlittschuh für den Verleih

We recommend for commercial skating rentals specifically designed rental skates for high-usage. Rental skates built from custom polymers. Strong and durable with sufficient foot space and span width for higher comfort. To keep them longer in service, parts such as liners, buckles and cuff rivets are easily replaceable.

technical data:

  • replaceable lacers with high-density foam-padding,
  • strong molded plastic boot with sufficient span width,
  • bucklet or lacing closure
  • stainless steel blades
  • size indication
  • available sizes: 25- 50
  • colour: blau
  • package: by pairs in box

New: Semi-Softboots as Rental-Skates

Hartschalen-Schlittschuh für den Verleih

We offer a new invented Semi-Softboot as Rental Skates. This model combines the comfort of a softboot with the stabiliy of a plastic boot. In case of a limited usage less expensive models or used skates are applicable. For the order of sizes we will help you to find the right number of sizes to fit your needs.

Additional we offer skating rental equipment:

  • Rental Skate Rack System
  • Boot Dryer
  • disinfectant for skates