mina Rink Piping System

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We offer a revolutionary powerful and environmentally friendly PE-Xa rink piping system which used design protection at the German Patent Office. It can be placed on the floor, but it’s usable for installation in sand below artificial grass floor, concrete or synthetic resin bases, too. Comparing to the conventional portable freezing systems like synthetic rubber EPDM-matting or IceGrid the PE-Xa rink piping system guarantees a maximum of mechanical load capacity and technical safety. The PE-Xa rink piping system is really sealing! The PE-Xa tubes are produced in one piece and perfectly bended in loops with a short inside radius. Comparing to other portable counterparts there are any additional return bends.

The mina PE-Xa rink piping system guarantees the highest level of safety, reliability, endurance and quality. It’s the safest portable system on the market.




  • absolutely safety, reliability and tightness
  • maximum of mechanical load capacity and technical safety
  • less expensive than the aluminium rink system
  • less vulnerable and delicate fittings comparing to the EPDM-system
  • eliminates the need for ice paint
  • higher operating pressure comparing to the EPDM-system
  • less loss of pressure comparing to the EPDM-system
  • applicable for higher outside temperatures
  • since the direct construction of the gang on the ice its save time and energy costs
  • higher thermal conductivity as the EPDM-system saves energy costs
  • no aging
  • space-saving transport and storage in a box-system (2500x800x1100 mm)


  • continuous absence of extraneous material in the form of pieces of the entire cooling coil
  • bending radius: 16 diameter: 5 cm; 25 diameter: 7 cm
  • blind cap for the preservation of the residual glycol


Technical information:

  • material: cross-linked Polyethylene
  • diameter: 16 x 2 mm; 16 x 1,5 mm, 25 x 2,33 mm
  • number of pipe connections per m²: 16 diameter: 20 pice; 25 diameter: 14 pice
  • empty weight: 16 diameter: 1,8 kg/m²; 25 diameter: 2,5 kg/m²
  • thermal conductivity: 0,33 W / mk
  • stackable transport and storage box system: 2 module roles in every box per 1 m of x up to 50 m; length: 2,3m x width:1,2 m x height: 1,2 m
  • life cycle: 50 years
  • Permanent oparating pressure: 3 bar