Protective Flooring – interlocking mat-system “MULTI”

Gummimatte Multi

All public “off ice” facilities like rink entrance and exit zones, skating rental, dressing room, food store and public washroom should be protected by a flooring material, which withstands skate wear.

We provide the medium hard interlocking mat-system MULTI. This mat is designed with six locking points at the longitudinal side and four locking points at the transverse side in a distance of 19,4 cm. The puzzle fitting allows a tremendously tight fit without gluing and a seamless surface.

For high frequented walking path we’d recommend the harder mat-system MULTI SPECIAL. These mats have the same design and are combinable with the standard system.


The laying is carried out in a floating manner with ¼, ½, ¾ junctions, and also in longitudinal / transversal combinations. The mat can be cut to shape with a standard carpet cutter or a saw at the end zones. In humid places, there is the possibility of gluing the whole surface with two-component or PU glue.

Please contact us for advices for assembling and calculation of the amount of maps.



  • robust, suitable for ice skates,
  • drivable
  • skidproof
  • accurately fitting
  • tight fit
  • insulating
  • sound absorbing
  • easy to clean
  • partial exchangeable


technical Data


MULTI Standard

MULTI Spezial

Material vulcanised rubber vulcanised rubber
mat dimensions 116,3 x 77,5 x 1 cm 116,3 x 77,5 x 1 cm
fire behaviour EN 13501-1 Dfl-s2  
net assembling area 0,9 m²/Matte 0,9 m²/Matte
Weight 11,7 kg/Matte bzw. 13 kg/m² 11,7 kg/Matte bzw. 13 kg/m²
Hardness ca. 65 Shore A ca. 80 Shore A
Tenacity 2,80 Mpa 6,00 Mpa
upside Mabogrip (Rosenstruktur) Mabogrip (Hexagonstruktur)
under side Glatt Glatt
colour black black