Portable dasher board system

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  • P1130960

The home made mina dasher board system is special developed for portable ice rinks and recreational arenas with public skating, figure skating, ice shows and every kind of events. The module design allows an easy and fast installation. The plates of the dasher piers are iced for a better stability. In result we offer a new standard of strength, safety and flexibility for portable dasher board systems. On custom request we install audience protection with acrylic panels. These makrolon panels are lighter as tempered glass, impact and break-proofed and transparent. We ensure high quality standards in product and workmanship.


technical Data:

  • available in steel or aluminum frames
  • 10 mm UV-resistance polyethylene panels
  • rounded polyethylene cap rail (colour: black or dark blue)
  • polyethylene kickstrip (colour: yellow)
  • module height: 1,20 m
  • width of the entrance doors: 1,00 m
  • width of the double folding door: 2 x 1,5 m
  • optional: break-proof acrylic shields


  • durable
  • shock resistance
  • module design for easy and fast installing
  • variable radius corners
  • free displaceable modules of entrance-doors
  • no swelling, no expansion by variation in temperatures
  • weather- and UV-stable for outdoor application
  • transparent Simolux-shields for advertising