Seawater desalination plant

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mina . Energy-, Cooling- and Environment Engineering build and assembled custom made seawater desalination plants, portable or permanent. A seawater desalination plant is combinable with a complete bottling plant for mineral water.

Sample of a seawater desalination plant inclusive a complete bottling plant:

  • production quantity: ca. 3.000 bottles / hour; max. 120 m³/d
  • sizes of bottles: 500 ml and 1.500 ml (change over time ca. one hour)
  • medium: pure water

The complete system includes the following components:

  • seawater desalination plant (preconditioning system, reverse osmosis filtration system, after treatment system)
  • water tank and ozonator
  • blow moulding machine (for use of preformed material)
  • washing, filling and capping machine
  • labelling machine
  • ink jet printing machine for date codes etc.
  • wrapping and shrinking machine for packing sizes 6 or 12 bottles
  • conveyer system

All machines are quality products made in Germany or Europe. We offer the complete mounting of the plant, implementing, two weeks test run after start up, the complete on-site stuff training and the check up and possibly optimisation after six months of the start up.;

For our customers we could arrange training of a laboratory assistant including basics of hydro chemistry, sample taking and water analysis for 3 month in Germany.