Skate Sharpener

A skate sharpener is basic standard equipment in every ice rink. The hollow of the blade enables skaters to execute movements on ice. The depth of the hollow depends on the kind of blade (ice hockey, figure skating, public skating), the hardness of the ice, the weight and the technique of the user. New skating boots needs to be hollow grinded. Used blades loose sharp and evenness of edges by the time. They have to be sharpened regularly. Sharpening machines are designed to provide sharp and even edges and the correct depth of hollow.

Skate sharpening machines for permanent ice rinks

For permanent artificial ice rinks with a high request of different custom radii we recommend Blademaster station skate sharpening machines. The Blade Master has up to three different grinding heads, skate holders, dressing and finishing units, exhaust and filter system.
We carry a full line of major brands of sharpeners. We will be glad to assist you to choose the appropriate skate sharpening machine.

Skate sharpening machines for portable ice rinks

Speed One

For portable ice rinks we recommend automatic ice skate sharpeners of the Swedish brand ÖMEK.

Speed One
Speed One Plus

Automatic ice skate sharpeners are less expansive, space saving and easy to handle with a minimum skill or training of operator. Automatic ice skate sharpeners provide any predetermined skate contour precise and accurate. For the suction of grinding dust and sparks a separate exhaust devise (vacuum cleaner) is required.

Speed One:



  • Automatic pass control
  • Display with the number of grinding operations
  • Grinding wheels are available in three different degrees of hardness
  • Operation time: 15 to 20 skates per hour

technical Data:

  • weight: 25 kg
  • dimensions: length 720 mm; height: 220 mm; depth: 260 mm
  • power: 240 V / 50 Hz / 300 W