mina Ice Master

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  • P1130960

The mina Ice Master is a hand operated portable tool for thin and controlled applications of water to build a high quality base ice in half the time. A super clear, strong and smooth base ice is the fundament for a best quality ice surface during the whole skating season. The mina Ice Master is also usable for resurfacing of small ice surfaces.

The mina Ice Master consists of an easy to handle steel pipe frame with a dispersment bar finish that becomes a conduit for water from a rubber hose. The water is systematically distributed by nozzles and smoothed on contact with the rink by the resurfacing rug. The application of water is accurate regulable by a valve. In result the mina Ice Master establishes an excellent ice structure and a good bond between the ice and the floor. There are less air bubbles in the ice and no de-icing by flooding.

The mina Ice Master creates super strong, smooth and clear ice and builds base ice in half time. You save time and money!



Technical data:

  • steel pipe frame
  • adapter for rubber hose
  • valve
  • water dispersment bar with nozzles
  • resurfacing rug
  • weight: 6 kg
  • width: 1,5 m
  • colour: on customer request


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