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The piping system is composed of PE-wave pipes consistent with grid-panels. The wave pipes lay 5 mm below the surface. So they are protected against mechanical damage. Its designed for indirect cooling with glycol as coolant. No heater included.

Special price: only 19,90 €/m²


Technical Data:

  •  System: ICEGRID (colour: white) 
  • drivable PE-floor panels (dimensions: length: 40; width: 35; thickness: 45 mm)
  • Size: 1800 m²
  • Material: PE-wave pipe (colour: white) with strengthened end-loops
  • Diameter of the pipe: 20 mm
  • Condition: very good
  • Year of manufacture: 2002
  • Original price: 125.000,00 €


  • Quotation without any commitment on our part.
  • Subject to prior sale.
  • Prices are without installation.
  • Costs for packing, transportation and custom are not including and be will be charged extra.
  • This offer is without value-added tax.
  • No warranty.
  • Payment: Prepayment with bank guarantee.
  • Delivery time: At least 2-4 weeks after contract award and money transfer

Special price: only 19,90 €/m²