Skating Aids

Skating Aids gives beginners support to skill their balance and safety on the ice. They give users confidence for their first steps on the ice. Mina offers skating aids of different brands.

Aluminium frame

Lauflernhilfe Eispinguin

Aluminium frame The foldable aluminium frame 0270-SL with rubber handles and foam protection is an economical low cost skating aid. This aid is in height adjustable. You can fold it for a space saving hanging on a hook. It is designed only for the use of kids.

technical Data:

  • weight : ca. 1 kg
  • maximum load: to 50 kg
  • dimensions: width of the handlebar - 40 cm, width of bottom - 66 cm
  • in height adjustable from 58 to 88 cm
  • colour: Silver Coating

Penguin Skating Aid

Lauflernhilfe Eispinguin

Very popular for kids is the Penguin Skating Aid. The Penguin Skating Aid is made of elastically hard foam. It’s equipped with two handle bars and a pair of ski. Replacements are available at any time. For advertising it’s possible to put logos on it. We offer the penguin skating aid for purchase or rent.

technical Data:

  • material: hard foam
  • height: 80-100 cm
  • diameter: 30-40 cm
  • weight: 7-11 kg

mina Kids Ice Car

Ice Car (1) 

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