mina underfloor cooling - inspired by the nature!

Steam is condensing as dew on cold surfaces of solid compounds in the nature. With our ground cooling we achieve an artificial dew of constance in style of the nature. This bases on the increased steam formation in warm air which has a much higher moisture than cold air.


Die mina - underfloor cooling supplies an artificial dew of constance at which condensing water is permanently formed. This saves extensively produced, expensive water and spares precious resources in fresh water narrow regions. mina- underfloor cooling saves enormous costs and helps to treat the environment with care.

An overheating of the underfloor is prevented by dew formation, water production and improvement of the climatic conditions. mina- underfloor cooling supports the growth and preservation of lawn, garden and ornamental plants as well as agricultural products at high temperatures. By using our technology you are able to create a green garden and a blooming oasis nearly everywhere.



  • sustainment and exploitation of agricultural areas
  • hotels and parkways (bush and bosk plantations)
  • plants and grass covered roofs/ walls
  • sport facilities with grass fields (soccer, tennis, golf, rugby, hockey, baseball,football, polo or cricket fields)
  • private gardens (crop and ornamental plants)


  • economization of water and valuable resources and costs thereby
  • sustainment of ecobalance
  • exploitation of new fresh water resources without any removal out of the phreatic water
  • alternative to ecological and energetic irksome desalination of seawater
  • obviation of ground drying
  • sustainable green areas and land restorations
  • low energy usage and coupleable with solar modules
  • reducing the environmental temperature and improving the conditions for sport and outdoor activities