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LED im Eis

LED for ice

The “LED for ice” is one of the highlights of our portfolio. “LED for ice” provides innovative and impressive illuminating of the ice

mobile Fußwegheizung

Portable ground heating

The portable ground heating is an reasonable alternative to stationary installed heating systems.


mina IceCourt

Multipurpose tile flooring system with a patented surface design developed specifically for ice arenas, permanent or mobile roller skating and inline skating rinks.


mina Bodenkühlung

mina underfloor cooling

With our ground cooling we achieve an artificial dew of constance in style of the nature.

mina Polarcreme

mina polarcreme

mina polarcreme is a special skin protective, hydrating and recovery balm developed for working and leisure activities, winter and outdoor sports.

mina IceMaster

mina Ice Master

The mina Ice Master is a hand operated portable tool for thin and controlled applications of water to build a high quality base ice in half the time.


Kids Ice Car

mina Kids Ice Car

The Kids Ice Car is a small plastic car on blades.

mina IceMaster

PE-Xa rink piping system

We offer a revolutionary powerful and environmentally friendly PE-Xa rink piping system which used design protection at the German Patent Office

mina barrad

skating Aid BARAD

Skating Aids gives beginners support to skill their balance and safety on the ice. They give users confidence for their first steps on the ice.


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